How to Wash Mulberry Silk (Apply Some Golden Steps)

If you are using mulberry silk and are confused and curious to know how to wash mulberry silk, you have to gather knowledge about it properly. Mulberry silk is a delicate fabric that requires special care when washing as silk is a natural protein fiber that can be damaged easily by water and agitation. Therefore, it is vital to take extra care when washing silk items. So washing mulberry silk can be a delicate process. It can be a daunting task,

But don’t worry because, in this article, we will give tips on how to wash mulberry silk step by step, and with these simple tips, you can keep your delicate garments looking beautiful for years to come. Before knowing the washing process, let’s understand the mulberry silk first.

how to wash mulberry silk

What is Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is a luxurious fabric made from the cocoons of mulberry silkworms. It is one of the strongest and most lustrous of all-natural fibers, making it ideal for a wide range of garments and accessories. While people often use mulberry silk in high-end fashion, it is also perfect for everyday items like blouses, tank tops, and even baby clothes.

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Step by Step Guideline of How to Wash Mulberry Silk

Step 1: Wash by Hand

Mulberry silk is a delicate fabric that requires gentle care when washing. When it comes to washing mulberry silk, it’s essential to use a gentle detergent. You can either hand-wash it or machine-wash it on the delicate cycle. But the best way to wash mulberry silk is by hand. And washing it in the washing machine can damage the fabric and may lose color. So our recommendation is to wash it by hand.

Step 2: Use Cold Water

Avoid using hot water as this can damage the delicate silk fibers. Hot water can cause the silk to shrink or lose its shape, and it can also weaken the fibers, leading to holes or tears in the material. Therefore, it is essential to use cold water, which is gentler on the silk fabric.

To begin washing your mulberry silk item, fill a sink, basin, or bucket with cold water. Make sure the water is not too cold, as this can also be damaging to the silk. The ideal water temperature for washing silk is lukewarm to cool, so use a thermometer to ensure the water is at the correct temperature. Once the water is ready, you can proceed to the next step of adding mild detergent to the water.

6 steps of how to wash mulberry silk

Step 3: Add Mild Detergent

After the bucket or sink, or basin gull filled with water, add a small amount of mild detergent. When choosing a detergent for your mulberry silk, opt for a mild one that’s specifically designed for delicate fabrics like silk. Harsh detergents can damage the silk fibers and make the fabric lose its sheen and softness; so it’s important to avoid using harsh detergents.

Step 4: Be Gentle

Gently swish the garment in the water and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the fabric too harshly and never twist or wring out your silk. Otherwise, this will cause the material to lose its shape. Instead, gently press the water out with your hands.

Step 5: Air-Dry

Once the item is clean, rinse it in cool water and allow it to air dry. When drying mulberry silk, you should hang it up to air-dry. Please do not put it in the tumble dryer. For air-dry, hang your silk in the shade to dry. The sun can fade the fabric, so it’s best to avoid direct sunlight.

Well, you can steam the silk. It is also ideal for silk. You can steam it to remove any wrinkles. You can also iron your silk, but you have to be careful. You can iron it on the lowest setting possible.

Step 6: Store the Silk

Proper storage of your mulberry silk is essential to maintain its quality and prevent damage from moths. To store your silk, it’s best to use a garment bag or wrap it in acid-free tissue paper before placing it in your closet. A garment bag will keep your silk from getting dusty or exposed to light, while acid-free tissue paper will help prevent yellowing or discoloration of the fabric.

When storing your silk, make sure it is completely dry and clean. Any moisture or stains can attract insects, so it’s important to avoid storing dirty or damp silk. Additionally, keep your silk in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Moths are attracted to warm, humid environments, so keeping your silk in a cool, dry area will help prevent damage.

These are some simple and essential tips on how to wash mulberry silk. Following these simple tips, you can keep your mulberry silk looking gorgeous for years to come!

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

Question 1: How do you get wrinkles out of mulberry silk?

Answer: There are a few different methods that you can use to get wrinkles out of silk. One is to use a steamer. This method will relax the fibers of the fabric and release wrinkles. Another way is to use a cool iron on the wrong side of the fabric. This step will also help to relax the fibers and remove wrinkles.

Question 2: Is it OK to put mulberry silk in the dryer?

Answer: The answer is yes, you can put silk in the dryer, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, ensure that the temperature is low and that you are using a delicate cycle. But do not tumble dry because the high temperatures of this dryer can shrink or damage your mulberry silks.

Question 3: How is mulberry silk made?

Answer: Mulberry silk is a product of the silkworm Bombyx mori feeding on the mulberry plant Morus alba. The adult silkworm moth lays hundreds of eggs on a mulberry leaf. The worm, which can grow up to 2 inches in length, produces a single thread many miles long.


In conclusion, Mulberry silk is a luxurious and delicate fabric that can last for many years if properly cared for. By following the step-by-step process we provided on how to wash mulberry silk, you can ensure that your silk garments remain clean and well-maintained. Remember to always use a gentle detergent, and cold water, and avoid harsh scrubbing or twisting. Storing your silk properly in a garment bag or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper will also help prevent damage from moths. With proper care, your mulberry silk items can continue to provide comfort, beauty, and elegance for a long time.

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