Psychology of Cleanliness: Mental Well-being Impact

Most of us aren’t aware of what significance cleanliness adds to your mental well-being. Where we only focus on some major activities that immediately affect your mood, we hardly consider that even a cluttered and messy house can affect your mental peace and clarity.

Imagine it as you enter your home after a tiring 9-hour job and you encounter chaos in front of you. You find everything messed up, your bed undone, and your clothes on the couch exactly how you left in the morning. Now, what will be your reaction after finding yourself in a place where you have no strength to clean all the mess?
Of course, you will be frustrated and overwhelmed.

This is exactly what messy and cluttered space makes you feel. It leaves you feeling anxious and helpless at the same time. So why not consider cleaning and organizing everything so that your room has a refreshing vibe all day long? 

Don’t know how to do it? Worry not, we will be discussing first how cleaning affects your mental well-being and moving to the tips to make cleaning easy. 

Let’s get started. 

The Psychology Behind Cleaning 

Have you ever heard that what you see or surround yourself with, is exactly what you feel inside? 

if your room is disorganized and messy, this is exactly how you feel inside. If everything around you is not in its right place, so will your mind. No one can focus or have mental clarity sitting in a place where everything is messed up.


There have been various practicals done where a group of people were given a place with everything in its place and the other group with a messy room.

After some time when their outcome was analyzed, the group who were left in a properly organized room gave more pronounced and sound reading than those with the messy ones. The people who were in a mess room found it hard to decide because they were surrounded by too many things for distraction. 

This all leads to some chronic mental issues like when people find themself less productive and not able to fulfill their tasks, they become prone to depression and anxiety. It is also examined through research that people with cluttered or disorganized workspaces tend to show a high release of cortisol hormones that are responsible for stress. 

So it means to have better mental clarity, your surroundings including your home or your workspaces should be clean, well organized, and optimally filled. Your room should have some space to make sure the room is not overcrowded.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning on Mental and Physical Health

Better Mood

You know the cleaning process can leave a lasting and refreshing effect on your mood. Imagine yourself dancing or listening to soothing music while cleaning also cleanses your mind of all the worries. So, consider cleaning or decluttering your home as meditating therapy for your stressed-out nerves.

benefits of deep cleaning

You can add aroma candles or lamps to your room as aromatherapy has been proven to alleviate depression and anxiety and hence better mood. You feel more positive and lightened when everything around you is in its place and all clean. 

Mental Clarity 

Cleaning comes with mental clarity. When your room is messy and disorganized, your brain has to respond to a multitude of stimuli, which causes the brain to overwork thus resulting in mental exhaustion. 

Whereas, when things around you are in place, tidy, and not crowded, you get room to breathe for things that need your nerves to be calm and focused. An organized room also enhances the cognitive ability to make sound and productive decisions. 

It means a streamlined working space or room results in more clear thinking and processing. Clearing away the clutter commands the brain to focus on things that need immediate focus and to leave the rest. It also strategizes the brain to tackle one task at a time. 

Reduced Distraction

On average, it is almost impossible to work at your best in an overly crowded place. Compare your productivity in a space that is already so messed up to that which is all in place. Of course, the one with fewer distractions would have more productivity and less probability of exertion. 

So, try to keep the room or your office distraction-free. Close your door while working so you don’t get affected by the noise or the things that are driving your attention. Even place your phone at a distance while doing anything, even sleeping to have better and much better results.  

Improved Focus 

The chaos around you greatly affects your focus ability. It means when your room is properly cleaned and clutter-free, your brain processes the information much more efficiently. Even researchers have found out that, your room cleaning can relieve the tension on your nerves thus enhancing your ability to focus and concentrate. 

Regulated Emotions 

With a clean and organized room, your emotions are in control. You feel less overwhelmed or anxious when everything around you is in its place and properly cleaned. Plus when you clean your space and home yourself, it gives you a sense of slowing down. It cleanses your mind of all the tensions and or tangled feelings. 

The cleaning process enhances the release of endorphins which gives a calming and pain relieving effect. This is why your hospital rooms are cleaned every next moment because the surroundings do affect your emotions and mental well-being. 

Sense of Order and Control 

When everything is in its place, you get a feeling that everything is in control. This ultimately makes you feel less overwhelmed and more confident. Similarly, a well-organized and decluttered space also keeps everything in order.

How to Incorporate Cleaning into Your Daily Life? 

Once you are clear on what mental calmness and mental clarity you get after cleaning services, you should cooperate with maximum practices that ensure that your surroundings are clean and well organized. 

Here are some more efficient ways to add cleaning to your daily life: 

Take Baby Steps 

You might get overwhelmed at the start. Take baby steps. It is not healthy to stuff your mind with immediate cleanup and end up frustrated. Break your tasks into short tasks that can be completed in a day without making you physically and mentally exhausted. It’s best to do one major task in a day and then do a minor cleaning on the next day to make a good form. 

Add a Time and Schedule Your Cleaning Activities

Cleaning should not be done all the time. You should schedule your cleaning in one part of your day. Other parts of your day can be consumed in other house chores. 

Involve Your Family 

It’s always better to involve everyone in your cleaning chores. This practice helps you build your relationships which ultimately creates a healthy space. Plus it also helps you build memories. Involving family also eases your workload with a sense of shared responsibility.  

Connect to the Junk Cleaning Service Provider 

If you are too occupied with other home chores, reach out to a professional junk removal service and let them handle the cleaning chore. 

The greatest part about this is that they will take care of everything, so you won’t have to bother about cleanup or garbage disposal. You’ll save money and time since they are better cleaners. 

Get Your Cleaning Products Organized and Stocked 

Make it a habit of adding all necessary cleaning tools and stuff to your cart whenever you go for groceries. When you have the necessary tools and cleaning solutions, your cleaning becomes a lot easier and professional. Plus the tools also save you energy. As for carpet cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner instead of using a broom because it is very hard to clean it all by yourself. 

Make Cleaning a Morning Ritual 

Make it a morning ritual that you make your bed, pick up the plastic bottles or mug at the side table, and organize your workstation before leaving the office or room. Making it a morning ritual not only saves you from seeing the disorganized home after returning from the office but also adds a healthy habit of minor cleanings in the morning.  

Add a Reward at the End of Each Task 

Treat yourself after you complete the cleaning chores. It creates a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do a lot better. 


So by now, you might be clear about what significant role does cleaning plays in mental well-being. Take great care of your environment, just as you would with your physical health, since this greatly benefits your mental health. Maintain a neat and orderly environment at all times. 

You may hire a rubbish removal firm to handle the cleanup if you are unable to perform the work yourself. 

In summary, our environment has a big impact on our mental health. Decluttering your environment is just as vital as clearing out space for your mental wellness. It’s true that a clearer, more concentrated mind results from tidy surroundings. 

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