How to Fluff a Pillow: By Hand & In the Dryer Step-by-Step

Want a fluffier pillow? Here’s a quick trick! By hand, simply hold opposite ends and squeeze in and out repeatedly, like an accordion. This breaks up clumps and restores loft. For a dryer refresh, toss your pillow in on low heat with a tennis ball to fluff and freshen. Enjoy that cloud-like feeling again!

We all love to sleep comfortably. A soft bed and a comfy pillow help us to sleep more comfortably. But using the pillow every night decreases its softness and makes it flat. Lying your head down compresses the material inside your pillow, so it gets flat. It also makes the pillow less comfy. It would be best if you fluffed it to bring back its comfiness and take a comfortable nap. But most of us don’t know how to fluff a pillow properly.

Fluffing a pillow can help restore its shape and loft, making it more comfortable and supportive for a better night’s sleep. In this guide, we will provide you with some easy and effective methods for fluffing your pillow.

how to fluff a pillow

How to Fluff a Pillow

You can fluff a pillow in two ways. You can use your hands to fluff it, or you can fluff it in the dryer. In this article, we’re going to dig into both ways. Please read it, understand it, and choose how you want to fluff your pillow. Or, if you wish, you can go through both methods. Sometimes you can fluff it by hand, and sometimes in the dryer. Let’s start.

How to Fluff a Pillow by Hand

You can fluff your pillows without anything special equipment. All you need are your hands. You can use different methods to fluff it by hand.

how to fluff a pillow by hand

Method 1: The Push Method

Grab your pillow with both hands from either side. Push the ends in and out as if you are playing a piano accordion but faster. Rotate it and repeat the action.

Method 2: The Massage Method

If your pillow’s fill sticks together, causing a lumpy feeling. First, identify the lumpy areas of your pillow that you’d like to target. And then, you can fluff it by massaging the sides like a deep tissue massage for your pillow with your fists.

Method 3: The Sun Method

You can get help from nature to fluff your pillow. Take your pillow outside, hang it from a clothesline, or lay it on a clean surface under the sun. That’s it! Let the sun do the rest.

Do you know that you can also wash your pillow by hand? We also have a complete guideline about how to wash a body pillow. You can check it if you want to.

How to Fluff a Pillow in the Dryer

If you want, you can get help from the dryer to fluff your pillow. You can fluff it in the dryer by three methods. Try these methods only if you can’t fluff it by hand.

how to fluff a pillow in the dryer

Method 1: The General Method

The general way to fluff your pillow in a dryer is to place it in and dry it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Setting the dryer on a low heat setting and let your pillow dry for a long time. When using a dryer, it will be better to put multiple pillows in once to balance the drum. You can do this by placing the pillows on opposite sides of the dryer drum. This will ensure the dryer can properly spin and dry all your pillows.

Method 2: The Ball Method

If you have only one pillow to fluff, put something like tennis balls in the dryer with your pillow. The balls help keep your pillows moving while they’re in the dryer. It will be fluffed and perfect for a comfortable sleep. But it will be best if you don’t overload the dryers, as it may interrupt the movement.

Method 3: The Teddy Method

You should find a replacement if you don’t have tennis or dryer balls. Try placing a dry teddy bear or stuffed animal or clean towels in with your pillows. These items do the same jobs as tennis balls to keep your pillow from staying in one spot during the drying cycle.

Signs You Should Fluff Your Pillow

Here are some signs you should fluff your pillow. They are:

Sign 1: You Wake up with Neck or Shoulder Pain

While in sleep, your pillow keeps your spine aligned in all positions. If you start to experience issues with spinal alignment and a poor angle in your shoulder or neck or both after waking up, it’s time to fluff your pillow.

Sign 2: Your Arms and Hands Tingle in the Morning

If your neck is out of alignment while sleeping at night, it may strain your pressure points and restrict blood flow to your arms and hands. For this reason, you may wake up in the morning with your arms asleep or numb and tingling.

Sign 3: Your Pillow Fails the Fold Test

Try folding your pillow in half and look carefully. Does it immediately spring back or take time, like 1/2 seconds, before it lays flat again? If it stays folded or takes some time to spring back, there’s a sign that you need to fluff it.

When You Should Replace Your Pillow

Fluffing a pillow helps it to last longer but not forever. There’s a time when you have to replace your pillow. It’s a sad reality, but you have to do this. If you need to fluff your pillow daily to maintain its shape, it is no longer comfy and can’t provide you with a good night. So it would be best if you replaced it. You will need to replace your pillow every few years.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean to fluff a pillow?

Fluff a pillow means picking it up and shaking it, so it gets more shape and plumper.

How often should you fluff your pillows?

What does fluffing a pillow do?

Fluffing a pillow reintroduces air to the filling. It provides better support for your neck and shoulder. It will give you a more comfortable sleeping experience.


We are at the end of the article. Many of us don’t know or are confused about how to fluff a pillow. By sleeping, we recharge our bodies and mind. But we have to gather proper knowledge about it. Because it is not advisable to replace it often, and a pillow is related to our sleep. And we wake up with freshness.

But if your alignment isn’t good and for this, you get neck pain, then it is enough to ruin your whole day. So good alignment and comfortable sleep is a must. A fluffed pillow will help you to gain both. That’s why if you need to fluff it, then do it. I hope you understand how to fluff a pillow and its necessity.

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